Gospel Voices in US

SMALL Gospel Voices COVER

Monday 15th February, 2021

Here is a link for any of you hoping to obtain a copy in America. Thank you! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1913181219

16th November, 2020

Please contact my publisher, Faithbuilders, if you would like to order (or reserve) a copy of Gospel Voices in the US. More copies are being printed for US readership, and will be distributed from the Texas office. Faithbuilders hope to send copies to the US next week. (Invoices will be in dollars.)https://www.faithbuilders.org.uk/ Email address for Managing Director, David Powell: editor@faithbuilders.org.uk

Thanks so much for your interest!

Sunday 15th November, 2020

Hello to all you wonderful people visiting my site from America today! My publisher was hoping my book, Gospel Voices, would be available in the US around now. If you are interested, please follow this blog and as soon as there’s news you’ll be the first to know.

I’ve just had a request for a signed copy from an American reader and I’ll be sending that tomorrow. If you’d prefer this option, please let me know!

Thank you for all your kind comments on my Upper Room devotional. I look forward to getting to know you all!

Every blessing.

6 thoughts on “Gospel Voices in US

  1. rutheking

    Thankyou, Caroline. Debbie says that her dad is still testing positive for Covid – I have said we are still praying.xxx

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    Lived your UR devotional blog and am sharing your insight on FB, “Widespread spiritual awakening always comes on the heels of social upheaval, and as a believer I pray that a significant harvest results. ” also will share the new book Gospel Voices as well as I am intrigued to read theses stories. Susan VanKirk, of Virginia, USA.

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      A slight typo, loved instead of lived, but maybe that was Divine since I and we all have “lived” many such God moments in the past, especially THIS Year!


  3. Giselle

    Hello Caroline! I just ordered your book. I am particularly excited to read it bc I look at the Gospels as amazing fiction stories and as such, they are 2 dimensional to me and I unintentionally separate myself from these stories. It sounds like your book will add the 3rd dimension I am desperately hoping for!
    I first saw your book on Nov 15 and I prayed about whether or not to buy it. God answered my prayer when I saw a link for it again on Nov 18!!! Today I ordered without hesitation.
    Thanks so much- Giselle


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