Gospel Voices – obtaining your copy

Gospel Voices COVER


Gospel Voices is available from many outlets now: Faithbuilders, Waterstones, Blackwells and Scroll Eaters, to name but a few. I have some author copies at home too, so feel free to contact me… I love hearing from readers!

Don’t forget to leave a review on the website that you buy from. (If you buy from me, you can post a review on the Faithbuilders’ website.)

Thank you!

Gospel Voices

April, 2020 I have been so excited about my book being read at last, but like most things in life, the current situation has had an impact.  Delivery from the printers has been delayed and while the warehouse is open, it’s with skeleton staff.

However, we’ve found a way around this for those who have ordered the book!  In the short term we can send you a PDF copy, while we wait for business to get back to normal. Let me (or Faithbuilders) know if you’d like this option.  You may have ordered from Waterstones or elsewhere – if so, a digital receipt would be good. Either way, please get in touch with me.

See below for endorsements.

Gospel Voices COVER

“These stories will quite literally take you to heaven and back as a series of voices, some well known and others less familiar, ask the questions we tend to avoid. What is it like to feel constantly compared to your brother Jesus? Why does he roll out miracles to fix problems that he could have prevented in the first place? And what does he want from us? Surrounding the historical Jesus with a wholly believable cast of characters, from nosy neighbours to the wannabe manager who lends his donkey on Palm Sunday, this collection shows the divine at his most human.”
Prof. Carolyn Oulton, Subject Lead Creative and Professional Writing, Canterbury Christ Church University

“Caroline Greville’s engaging style draws you into well known biblical stories as she reimagines them through the eyes of human and angelic participants. The author’s attention to detail means that rather than distracting from the biblical narrative, her recount adds the colour, sound and aroma of the first century Middle Eastern life. … Expect to become part of the big story of the Bible, listening afresh to the events of the Gospels, and being changed by something you thought you knew! ‘My God isn’t a God of failure or of missed moments; he’s a God of triumph, and what he sets out to do, he accomplishes every time.’”
– Grace Turner, Senior Pastor, RiverLife Church, Bern

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