The Unfinished Story ~ What’s it all about?

I’ve had phenomenal interest in my new book already… Thank you everyone! There’s only so much I can share on Facebook and Twitter, so below you’ll find my Preface and Endorsements taken from the book.


What did life in the Early Church look like, when Jesus’s legacy was fresh, and his physical presence, for some, a living memory? The Book of Acts has been our go-to source as Christians – and rightly so – but we are not discrediting the Bible when we explore issues it doesn’t mention. There are actions of the Early Church written widely of elsewhere, indisputable historical details that speak loudly to us today; the abandonment of babies and children is one such topic. 

We have all heard sermons on how the believers ‘met together in one place and shared everything they had’ (Acts 2:42-47); extreme, we may think, and irrelevant now, and perhaps a little off-putting, so we don’t stay with these characters long. But we are missing out on much if our understanding stops here. (Besides, this approach to life is only noted for the believers in Jerusalem.) So, what else were the believers doing? And how would that look today?  

Please read the Bible passage listed for each location before you read its story. While Bible characters and events do feature in what I write, it’s important to me that you see the given facts ahead of entering my imagined versions of these places. The stories have been researched to bring plausibility and genuine challenge to the reader. As with Gospel Voices, I hope what you read will take you deeper in your own study and enrich your understanding of God’s character.  

Bible quotes throughout the stories are taken from the New Living Translation, unless otherwise stated.  


Just as Gospel Voices brings fresh perspective and vibrancy to our reading of the Gospels, The Unfinished Story brings us right into the lives, the fresh faith, the challenges and sacrifices of the early Church in the days of the book of Acts.  

I think this is a must-read for Christians in the 21st century church! We face different cultural and social standards, but new believers entering our churches (just like those in Joppa, Jerusalem, Macedonia & Ephesus) either come without previous Christian experience and background, or are often affected by other current religious or identity political issues.   

There is much for us to learn from the early church in a now postChristian society. Caroline Greville is that rare thing, a skilled storyteller and dynamic teacher. She challenges us through these glimpses of the early church, to live more bravely, to trust more deeply and to rescue the poor, the outcasts and the hurting. These stories could, and should, be our stories, because Jesus is the same today as he was then and will be forever.  

Grace Turner, Senior Pastor, RiverLife Church, Bern 

Caroline Greville opens up the world of early Christianity, 2000 years ago, through relatable characters that we come to care about, and she does it with a delicate touch.  

Bobbie Ann Cole, Christian writer, speaker and writing teacher 

In this companion volume to Gospel Voices, Caroline Greville introduces us to a new cast of characters – all of whom are struggling to make sense of the world they live in. In The Unfinished Story we meet a good man who just isn’t very good at being a father as his children hit the teenage years, a woman struggling to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity, and the less than sexy reality of coping with illness in old age. There are urgent questions and no easy answers. But this mosaic of stories assures us of one thing: ‘We know how God feels about us – he’s shown it.’   

-Prof. Carolyn Oulton, Subject Lead Creative and Professional 

Writing, Canterbury Christ Church University

4 thoughts on “The Unfinished Story ~ What’s it all about?

  1. Hi Caroline A bit late but Happy New Year. May it be a better one for us all. ?? Just to let you know I managed to book on to your Summer term Creative Writing course.?? Really looking forward to it. I haven’t forgotten about the Retreat story – I have been working on trying to get my own book published by getting the illustrations done myself.?? I can still try to complete it though if it’s not too late. Another thing I wanted to say was that I think – but not sure as I haven’t seen an excerpt – that the topic of your book, The Unfinished Story, is one I have always wanted to write but never have. I might be wrong but I might order it and see. In any case I am sure it will be a great read. Still hoping there might be a space for me this term but not holding my breath. Have fun and see you soon. Take care and very best wishes to you and the class. Jan ??

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  2. Hi Jan, thanks for your message – a happy new year to you, too!
    It’s great to hear you are pressing on with your book. I’ll let you know if a space becomes available on my course this term at the Cube. (I believe there’s still a space for Tuesdays online… creative writing lends itself to Zoom, surprisingly, so don’t rule it out!)
    Caroline x


  3. Hi Caroline
    How is the term going? I’m missing you all. Hope yours all well.
    It’s just as well I didn’t pay for this term though – on Tuesday evening I fell down the last few stairs and broke my ankle!!
    Please give my very best wishes to my classmates – and you too of course – and wish them a happy new year from me.
    Take care
    See you in the Spring.
    Jan 🤗x

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